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Kaiyi X-3

Kaiyi X-3

It distinguishes itself with its remarkable performance within the 1,500 CC engine it houses. With a power output of 116 Hp and torque reaching 138 Nm, it delivers a complete onboard experience of unparalleled excellence. The X3 model captivates with its engine’s swift responsiveness, setting a standard that astonishes. This excellence extends to its road efficiency, showcasing exceptional consumption aided by the innovative DVVT technology. Its transmission boasts advanced automatic (CVT) capabilities, while the presence of disc brakes on all four wheels further enhances its safety features. This high-performance handling is perfectly complemented by its rapid reactivity, harmonized by the presence of 18-inch aluminium alloy wheels

Experience the extraordinary sensation of the X3 Pro Turbo, powered by its impressive 1,500 CC Turbo engine. With a robust 116 Hp power output and 138 Nm of torque, the onboard journey in the X3 Pro Turbo reaches a level of fascination that’s unmatched. Beyond its rapid engine response, the
KAIYI X3 Pro Turbo sets the gold standard for road efficiency, employing DVVT technology and a highly advanced automatic CVT transmission. Complete with four-wheel disc brakes, this model ensures top-tier performance handling, paired with remarkable reactivity—all enhanced by the inclusion of luxurious 17-inch aluminium alloy wheels.