Complete Vehicle

Other Parts ​.

The whole vehicle and several unspecified parts shock Absorber , Shock Absorber Rubber , Shock Absorber Dust Cover, Absorber Spring, Oil Seal, Horn, Ball Head, Steering Connection Lever, Water Pump, Brake Disc/ Drum, Wheel Hub Bearing , Air Conditioning Fan, Glass Lifter, Cooling Fan, Sensons, Steering Rod Ball Head, Clutch Plate, Belt Tensioner, Belt, Catalytic Convertor, Oxygen Sensor, Injector

5 years / 150,000 Km 

3years/ 60,000 km

Vulenerable and Consumable Parts

Spark Plugs, Clutch Disc, Brake Pads/ Shoe, Wiper Blade, Battery

3 Months /5000 km

Other Details

Glass, Light Bulb, Tire, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Air Conditioning filter, Fuse, Relay, Oil, Coolant, Air Conditioning Refrigerant

Not Cover Under Warranty